Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affect approximately 8-9 million adults.  Some adults, who were not diagnosed as children, will realize the need for an ADD/ADHD diagnosis in adulthood.  Adults with ADD/ADHD tend to have trouble focusing, especially on mundane tasks and may try to do several things at once with little success.  Everyday tasks may be difficult for an adult with ADD/ADHD, such as getting to work on time and focusing on the job.

An adult may have learned to compensate for ADD/ADHD symptoms over time and as responsibilities increase.  Symptoms, therefore, may show up very differently in adults than in children.  Symptoms are unique for each adult with ADD/ADHD, but may include:

  • Loss of attention in the middle of conversations
  • Struggling to complete tasks
  • Overlooking details when completing tasks, often leading to incomplete work
  • Difficulty following directions or remembering what the directions were
  • Poor organizational skills
  • A tendency to interrupt others
  • Addictive tendencies

One common ADD/ADHD symptom in adults is hyper-focusing.  Hyper-focusing is the tendency to become so involved in stimulating activities (such as video-game play or watching tv), that one can become oblivious to everything else going on around him or her.  Although hyper-focusing may seem advantageous for certain things, it can cause problems in relationships and work if not controlled.

Like children, adults should be seen by a licensed counselor for a thorough ADD/ADHD examination, though symptoms in adults tend to be more varied than in children. Our therapy is drug-free and can be extremely beneficial in helping ADD and ADHD symptoms.  If you believe you may have adult ADD/ADHD, call Great Lakes Psychology Group at (800) 693-1916 to set up an appointment today.

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