Therapist Spotlight: Katelyn Lipp, MA, LPC, LMFT, NCC, CAADC

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What do you specialize in?

I specialize in helping couples and individuals work through relationship issues, to aid in overcoming conflict, marital or dating dissatisfaction, dysfunctional patterns, and ineffective communication. Additionally, I specialize in working with people going through a significant and/or difficult life transitions, as well as individuals experiencing anxiety and substance use issues.


What do you think is important about your role as a therapist?

The most important role I have as a therapist is making my clients feel heard and understood. I aim to be a non-judgmental person that clients can feel comfortable talking to about any aspect of their life. It is hard to look at ourselves and find the answers to our seemingly unanswerable questions, to see how to work through our worries and struggles. As a therapist, I am able to help draw attention to patterns in client’s thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that may not be seen. We all have unhealthy, negative ways of coping with life’s challenges and struggles, and as a therapist it is my job to help people learn healthy coping skills.


How do you help people, in your opinion?

So often it is hard to put into words how we feel, and I strive to help clients find those words. Being able to put a voice to your struggles and finding a neutral space for that voice to land is key; I strive to be that person for everyone that steps foot in my office. When you are processing your thoughts out loud, being able to hear yourself voice those feelings, it can often surprise you, bringing out pieces of your puzzle that you haven’t been able to see.


What is something that you wish people knew about your specialty, or about therapy in general?

I wish people knew the positive shift and calm clients can feel after taking that first leap and beginning therapy. It is such a common remark when people come into my office for the first time to say how long they have thought about and wanted to start therapy, and the relief they feel that they finally made it there. It takes a lot of strength to come and talk to someone you’ve never met; no one is meant to tackle life on their own. Therapy is all about being able to have a comfortable and neutral place to come and work through your struggles and relationship concerns.


Name an influential person or experience in your life.

An influential experience in my life stems from working through my own struggle with anxiety and relationship issues. When I was in my third year of my undergraduate degree, I was experiencing debilitating anxiety and had no idea what to do; it felt all consuming and like it was taking over. I sought out therapy, and wound up feeling like I was being told what the solution was without consideration for what I was expressing. Despite the negative experience, it was a huge part of shaping who I am as a person and a therapist today, by helping clients realize their potential for positive change in a safe and supportive environment.

Katelyn Lipp is located at the Great Lakes Psychology Group – Novi office. To learn more about Katelyn, please visit her therapist profile.