Therapist Spotlight: Pamela Linn, LPC NCC

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Pamela Linn, LPC NCC, specializes in ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, LGBTQ, Trauma and Loss.

As a therapist, Pamela finds it important to meet the client where they are at, and to then build a trusting and therapeutic relationship.
In her opinion, she helps people by creating an open, honest dialog. With this in place, she believes only then that feeling and healing can happen. At the same time, she places focus on the client’s strengths and resilience.

Pamela wishes that people understood how therapy can be, and is, an essential part of your overall health plan. Often times we put our emotional health on the back burner, which can cause problems in our physical health; balancing all areas of life is key to overall health and wellness.

In her life, a positive influence was a past teacher who focused on her strengths and creative thinking instead of focusing on her weakness. This mindset still inspires her today!