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Chronic Pain Counseling in Illinois

Chronic pain may originate from an injury or illness; in some cases, its cause is unknown. Regardless of its origin, coping with chronic pain can be frustrating and isolating. Chronic pain specialists at Great Lakes Psychology Group in Naperville, IL have the expertise required to help you navigate the tumultuous journey of coping with chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects over 1.5 billion people worldwide. In addition to being physically taxing, chronic pain can lead to emotional and psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and the inability to concentrate.

Although pain can often be managed by medical interventions such as physical therapy, medication, or surgery, these solutions do not address the emotional aspect of suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain specialists at Great Lakes Psychology Group provide a safe environment in which to address the psychological effects of your chronic pain, such as feelings of hopelessness, guilt, anxiety, and fear.

If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain, Great Lakes Psychology Group offers therapy options specific to your needs. We offer semi-private waiting rooms, same day, evening, and weekend appointments, a variety of counseling services, and we accept most major insurances.

With our newest location in Naperville, IL, we bring our commitment and expertise in the field of chronic pain counseling to serve those in the greater Chicago area. We can help you make a positive step towards coping with the emotional impact of chronic pain.