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Eating Disorders Counseling in Illinois

Living with an eating disorder can be scary and isolating. There is a misconception that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice; on the contrary, those struggling with eating disorders often feel out of control and powerless. It is our goal at Great Lakes Psychology Group to provide our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop healthy eating habits and to foster body positivity in a judgment-free environment.

The specific presentation of eating disorder symptoms can take on many forms. In general, eating disorders can be classified into three diagnoses:

Anorexia nervosa

  • Characterized by low weight, an intense fear of gaining weight, and severe restriction of food intake

Bulimia nervosa

  • Characterized by recurrent episodes of binge eating (i.e., consuming a large amount of a food in a small amount of time) followed by purging (i.e., vomiting, misusing laxatives and/or diuretics, or excessive exercise)

Binge eating disorder

  • Characterized by binge episodes in the absence of purging
  • Usually associated with being overweight

Seeking treatment is the first step toward recovery. Our expert therapists can help guide you toward self-acceptance and a healthy relationship with food.

We know the journey toward recovery can be overwhelming. Great Lakes Psychology Group in Naperville, Illinois puts your comfort and confidentiality first. We offer private waiting areas and one-on-one or family-based therapy with qualified therapists in soundproofed rooms. We are dedicated to equipping you with the tools you need for a successful recovery.

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