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Marriage Counseling in Illinois

Despite what many people believe, some degree of conflict is normal in a healthy marriage. However, if constant arguing and fighting are affecting your career, health, and overall well-being, you might benefit from marriage counseling.

Seeking marriage counseling does not mean that you have a poor relationship. It also does not mean that one partner is wrong. In most cases, both partners can make improvements to better meet the other’s needs. Marriage is about discovering what both partners need and coming to an agreement that works for everyone. It is about overcoming the obstacles of life that can challenge the marriage and its dynamics.

It can be helpful to have an unbiased viewpoint to better help you understand your partner’s concerns. Our therapists are highly-trained with emotionally focused therapy techniques to improve communication and change interaction patterns. These tools can help you better understand your partner and strengthen your marriage.

These empirically-backed techniques can also help with identifying problematic conflict resolution techniques. While conflict is normal, it is necessary to find a productive way to handle disagreements. Many couples see significant improvement in happiness after just a few sessions.